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Create a Path to Financial Independence

Financial independence is freedom—to spend your time as you choose. To focus on the joys of life. This website will help you Learn To Take Control of Your Finances by helping you choose your lifestyle, spending, and investing.

Conflicting messages make investing difficult

You work hard at saving but you’re not sure whether you’re doing a good job investing. There is a lot of conflicting information flying around. For example, the mutual fund industry tells us that professionals have the best chance of picking stocks that will outperform. At the same time, the discount brokerage firms are giving you tools so that you can pick stocks on your own, and earn excess returns by timing the market. Meanwhile, the mainsteam financial media is telling us the hot funds to choose from and what the experts are predicting. Where can you get the straight scoop—from someone without a hidden conflict of interest? Someone who can explain it all in plain English, so clearly that once you understand it will seem like common sense to you?

Two people transformed my relationship with money and life

Jack Bogle taught me that financial independence comes from saving well and common sense investing.

Jack Bogle (left), the undisputed champion of ordinary investors, signing one of his books for me.

Thirty years ago, I met somebody who completely changed my relationship with money and life. Nobody would call her wealthy—in fact, quite the opposite. Yet, this woman woke up every morning with the freedom do whatever she desired, so she called herself “financially independent“. Her name is Vicki Robin and this is a fascinating story that I promise to tell here soon. Meanwhile, fast-forward in time.

Ten years ago, another person transformed my approach to investing—someone of impeccable character, integrity, and a snap-fit to my personal values. A wonderful role model. It  just happens that he is the very man that invented the index fund, founded the member-owned investment firm The Vanguard Group (now the largest!), yet has spent his lifetime as a champion of common sense investing for ordinary investors. His generosity is infectious and there is now a whole league of fans who also share his wisdom generously, often anonymously. This man’s name is John C. Bogle, and his tens of thousands of fans endearingly refer to themselves as “Bogleheads”.

This is a free educational website aimed at beginners. I explain important truths about saving and investing, including what many call the Boglehead Investment Philosophy. I don’t sell any financial products, only education—books to help you continue learning.

About me—How I help others achieve financial independence

My name is Rick Van Ness and I’m from sunny (ha!) Seattle Washington. After 30 years in the electronics industry I too reached my “financial independence” or, the freedom to spend my waking hours however I choose.  I choose to help others realize their dreams.

Armed with years of experience, an engineering degree, and an MBA in Finance, I initially decided to teach free lunchtime workshops at two local universities. But as YouTube took off I realized that I could reach a thousand-fold more people by using the online video format. I established FinancingLife.org to help you. I am enthusiastic about teaching the wisdom that everyone should know—but nobody teaches! I wanted to start something new and fresh to address most people—who, simply want to learn how to save and invest wisely, and then get on with their lives.

Really Rick? Everybody? Yes! Don’t you think everyone should know how to save and invest wisely? I’d like everyone to learn this in school. Why don’t they?

So, that’s our ultimate mission. This is a not-for-profit project. I receive no pay. And whatever I receive from book sales and donations is applied towards promoting financial literacy through bite-sized videos, short books, and other educational projects.

About you—Would you like to become financially independent?

Why include an About You section in my About Me page?

Well, because this blog is all about helping you achieve your dreams. Some dreams require money and that’s our focus—to share with you time-proven wisdom in an easy-to-understand manner that helps you grow and progress.

Working with me is investing in yourself

  • You’ll learn how to make a personal investment plan.
  • You’ll learn how to control investment risk, and never bear too much or too little.
  • You’ll be more likely to create the future you want. Enable your dreams.
  • You’ll get comfortable with your decisions. They’ll be better, and they will last longer
  • You will amplify your returns by fully capturing what you earn—no middleman skimmers.

There is no once-and-done solution. Consider subscribing as a painless way to make life-long learning part of your lifestyle.

I honestly believe that helping others is the only way to live my life meaningfully. I always try to respond to every comment and email that I get and aim to develop friendships with as many of my readers as possible.

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