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At what age will you wake up every morning and do precisely what you want—and not have to work to pay the bills? That’s my idea of financial independence. Money plays an important role, but so does the lifestyle you choose. Some achieve financial independence when they are thirty (rare!). Some when they reach 50 (that’s me). Most when they reach 65+.

While there is time-proven wisdom to help you out there, it’s hard to find it amongst all the noise. I’d really like to show you how it’s done. is the place where I share all my strategies, tips and lessons that I’ve learned over the years. I focus on decisions about money and investing. I’m an educator, not a financial adviser. I understand this stuff, I can explain the simple truths in plain English and love passing those ideas on.

I know subscribing to a new blog can be a little bit hairy if you aren’t sure exactly what you’re getting or how often you’ll get it. With that in mind I created this short page to tell you that subscribing to means you’ll get a free 1-page PDF of the 10 Simple Rules for Common Sense Investing, my monthly (typically) videos, and a very occasional insider tip for your eyes only.

That’s it.

When you sign up to this list you join a very cool group of people who are passionate about saving and investing wisely to fulfill their dreams and building communities that interact and help each other.

And it is important to know that I do not publish regularly. But, when I do, I try to make it something that will directly help you navigate the financial world in a way that doesn’t involve handing out money to an industry that is always trying to sell you something. The easiest way to know when we have new tutorials is to subscribe.

What type of stuff can I expect?

Here’s a sample of the type of articles you’ll see in your inbox:

  • The Ten Rules to Successful Investing
  • Why Bother With Bonds
  • How to Recognize a Superior Mutual Fund
  • Common Misconceptions
  • Record-keeping Made Simple
  • How and When to Hire Help
  • When Can I Retire?

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