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Financing Life is about achieving financial independence—which means freedom to spend your time as you please. It involves lifestyle choice, as well as creating wealth. This website is a solution for ordinary investors—that’s 99% of us. You can do this.


Steal This Book!

One of the best investment authors of our time is William Bernstein. In 2014 he wrote a gem to guide both the young—and not so young—investor through the five hurdles that threaten to spoil their dreams.

It’s available for free as a PDF that you can read in an hour or two.

Or, buy from Amazon if you prefer paperback, or to give it as a wedding, birthday, or graduation gift.

Thank you William Bernstein!

One of the benefits of Financing Life .org are dozens of short video tutorials that teach you time-proven investing wisdom. The heart of this site is our Learning Center, where you can see all the seminars and choose specific ones of interest.

On your first visit I suggest you watch this quick 26-point summary of common sense investing with a sound financial lifestyle. I use the alphabet as a tool with music and video to make it fun and memorable. If poems are not for you, don’t worry—this is the only poem on the website. I was having too much fun. Length: 3 minutes.

There are many videos on this site. Find them in the Learning Center organized into the following categories:

  • Why Invest?
    • Financial Independence (freedom!)
  • How To Invest?
    • Ten Common Sense Investing Rules
  • What To Buy?
    • Asset Classes (stocks, bonds, etc.)
    • Asset Allocation (how much in bonds, etc.)
    • Investing in Stocks and Bonds
  • Types of Mutual Funds?
    • Mutual Funds (active)
    • Index Funds (passive)
    • Exchange-Traded Funds

Your life’s story will be the sum of all your choices. You’ll have the greatest options if you save and invest wisely, and at the lowest possible cost.