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Financing Life is about achieving financial independence—which means freedom to spend your time as you please. It involves lifestyle choice, as well as creating wealth. This website is a solution for ordinary investors—that’s 99% of us. You can do this.

On your first visit I suggest you visit the FinancingLife Academy where we offer both free mini-courses plus some with a small fee. The fee courses are how we pay for this financial literacy project. Click on this picture to explore these courses:

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Additionally, our Learning Center has additional free resources for ad-hoc learners. You will find dozens of short video tutorials that teach you time-proven investing wisdom.

Here is something I recommend for everybody (Thank you William Bernstein!):


Steal This Book!

One of the best investment authors of our time is William Bernstein. In 2014 he wrote a gem to guide both the young—and not so young—investor through the five hurdles that threaten to spoil their dreams.

It’s available for free as a PDF that you can read in an hour or two.

Or, buy from Amazon if you prefer paperback, or to give it as a wedding, birthday, or graduation gift.

Your life’s story will be the sum of all your choices. You’ll have the greatest options if you
save and invest wisely, and at the lowest possible cost.






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Did you get the 10 Simple Rules for Common Sense Investing? Get to financial independence sooner.

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