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Where To Put Money?

This mini-course is an introduction to making risk/return decisions. The goal of this course is to quickly make you comfortable and competent to choose between:

  • Savings accounts,
  • Money markets,
  • Certificates of deposit,
  • Bond funds,
  • Stock mutual funds, and
  • ETFs.


Create Your Own Financial Plan

I'll guide you with this workbook and Masterclass.

  • Focus on what is most important to you.
  • Gain confidence that you are on track.
  • Use a quick mini-plan to put the big rocks in place.
  • Then fully develop your plan. It never stops improving.
  • Become smart about your money


Common Sense Investing

Learn simple time-proven investing wisdom—what everyone should be taught but aren't.

There are ten simple rules:

  1. Develop a workable plan.
  2. Invest early and often.
  3. Choose appropriate risk.
  4. Diversify.
  5. Never try to time the market.
  6. Use index funds.
  7. Keep costs low.
  8. Minimize taxes.
  9. Keep it simple.
  10. Stay the course.


Take a class today. Take control of your finances.

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