Ten Rules of Investing For Beginners (video)

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The secret to financing life boils down to four principles: start saving early, diversify your investments, minimize costs, and stick to your plan! This is an introduction to the Ten Rules of Investing For Beginners.

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The Transcript: Introduction to Ten Rules of Investing For Beginners

If you are like most of us, you are busy living your life, and just not interested in becoming an expert in investing.  My goal is to show you that it is actually not hard to take control of your finances, save and invest wisely, and then get on with your life with a sound financial lifestyle that will support your dreams.  You are going to learn how to correctly buy and hold a diversified portfolio of stocks and bonds for the long term.

Start by tuning out all the shows and newsletters trying to sell you something.

Start by tuning out everyone all the shows and newsletters that are trying to sell you something.

For us there is no better mentor than legendary mutual fund industry veteran John C. Bogle.  We’ll also incorporate the work of a few noble laureates and distinguished academics.

John C. Bogle is the inventor of index fund investing, founder of the Vanguard Group, and most importantly: the tireless champion of common sense investing for ordinary investors.

Quite frankly, it is the advice I wish I heard when I was 25 years old.  We’ll develop four general principles as 10 simple rules.

The first two rules are all about getting started, and finding a way to save a portion of what you earn.  Because if you can’t do this, the other 8 rules are moot.  There are some great tips in here so I hope you’ll find this helpful.

If starting to save now is the most important habit you need to form, the way that you then allocate this to stocks and bonds is the most important decision you need to make.  Diversify Your Investments.  I know you think you know what this means, but most people actually don’t.  These will be our next three rules.  It’s not hard, but since this is all about risk management and it is sooo important, take a listen and make sure you grasp these simple concepts.

Small percentages make a HUGE difference over the course of our lifetime.  Our next three rules will show you how you can keep what you earn by not giving it away in unnecessary fees and taxes.

Our last rules will help you create a simple one-page written plan–and that very action will help give you the discipline to stick with these time proven rules that we’ll now explore individually in more detail.

Each of these rules are a short video.  You can watch from start to finish, or skip ahead to any of particular interest.

Find other explanatory videos, smart tips, and links to useful resources at FinancingLife.org.


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Common Sense Investing: Ten Simple Rules to Finance Your Dreams

Rules for Common sense Investing

Ten Simple Rules To Finance Your Dreams

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